Unohda muoti - luota tyyliisi!

Forget fashion - trust your style!

Fashion always reflects the pinnacle of clothing and accessory design at that moment. Fashion is constantly changing, but it never goes away. Something is always fashionable, although not for very long. This cycle of fashion has been accelerated by fast fashion. The idea of ​​fast fashion is based on imitating luxury fashion products, producing them in huge quantities as cheaply as possible and bringing the products to the market quickly. It's unlikely that you've avoided ads for certain brands, where they're promoting their new collection here and there.

Let's think about it through a little thought game. I would like to be fashionable and ride the wave of the trend. So do I have to dress and wear accessories whose color, material and design are decided by the clothing industry? It feels very controlled from the outside and apparently it is.

Would it be wiser to forget fashion and invest in your own style? Gives space for my own views. To dress the way I want, personally. Express myself in a style I like. Dress in a way that makes me feel good.

What's fascinating about the style is its personality. It can be thought that there are unlimited styles. Just like us humans. Similarly, fashion is narrow because it leaves so little room for your own views.

We stand for style and we have a question for you in this regard. Have you ever dreamed of a leather bag where the details are designed by the user, i.e. you? Wouldn't it be nicer to use a leather bag that pleases your own sense of style?

The metal parts, such as buckles, strap outlets, and drool decorations are undoubtedly fascinating details of a leather bag. But should they be silver or patinated brass. Which shade would go better with a black handbag? How about a cognac colored shoulder bag?

Since we don't have an answer to this, we want to listen to you. After all, you are your own best style connoisseur. When you get a leather bag from us, you can choose not only the color of the leather, but also the color of the metal parts. The color options for the metal parts are shiny silver and patinated brass. In the product images of each model, you can find a picture of the metal parts of that model.

Be brave and trust your style!

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