About the privacy statement

This is a secure online store

Privacy policy according to the Data Protection Act (1050/2018). We want to offer you a pleasant and safe transaction in our online store. Because of this, we will tell you what information we collect about the
website user and how you can influence the processing of the data by yourself.

Registry controller

Okay Style Oy, Villiläntie 191, 32740 Sastamala

okays@okays.fi / +358405253854

As the controller of the register, we are responsible for ensuring that no one's personal information is disclosed to other parties and that it is treated confidentially. The data we collect is processed with a device which data security has been handled appropriately.

What information do we collect?

When you buy from the online store, we collect necessary personal data so that sending the order is possible. Personal data includes: name, address, postal code, telephone number and email address.

In addition, cookies may collect the following information: time spent on the site, pages viewed, purchases and demographic information. This information can not be used to identify or trace anyone's identity.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s device (for example computer or tablet) upon visiting the website. Cookies do not damage user’s device or spread viruses. Cookies enables pleasant experience on the website.

First and third-party cookies

We use first-party and third-party cookies on our website. First-party cookies improve the operational reliability of the website. We use third-party cookies to collect information in order to improve marketing and website content. We use tools from Google and Facebook, which help us to get information about traffic sources, pages viewed, and time spent on the website, for example. Cookies can not be used to identify anyone's identity.

Your right to have your data deleted

In certain situations, the registered person has the right to ask the controller of the register to delete information about himself/herself. In such a situation, please contact the registry controller by email
(okays@okays.fi). You can influence the use of cookies from the browser’s security settings and accept for example only the necessary cookies.