The secret of high-quality leather lies in nature

Our high-quality and elegantly beautiful leather bags are only made from the best materials. Our philosophy and that of the Okay’s brand is one of timeless style, comfort, and the long lifespan of our products. This is why we choose vegetable-tanned leather.

The roots of vegetable tanning date back over 200 years, when leather was tanned in wooden drums. We want to continue this tradition of craftsmanship and manufacture beautiful leather bags – made possible by our choice of vegetable-tanned leather.

The excellence of vegetable-tanned leather lies in its durability, elegant and natural color, and pleasant texture. That’s why we choose vegetable-tanned leather.

The secret of this incredible material lies in nature, as the natural extracts used in the tanning process are obtained from certain types of wood and plants. The process takes time. In fact, it takes about 40 days to turn raw hides into vegetable-tanned leather. With this time-consuming method, raw hides become extremely durable and pleasant to the touch, resulting in a unique material without the use of chemical substances.

Our customers have also noted the excellence of vegetable-tanned leather. Occasionally, they send us messages, telling us that the Okay’s bag they bought ten years ago is still in use. “The bag only gets better with age.” We have heard this from many people – and it’s no wonder because slowly, over time and use, the surface of the leather takes on an incredibly beautiful patina.

We obtain raw hides that are a by-product of the food industry. No animal is slaughtered for the sake of leather. Our leather manufacturer is a member of the renowned Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium, and they have strict controls to ensure minimal environmental impact. We have visited our leather manufacturer in Italy a few times. Seeing their production up close and in person, we are truly convinced of their expertise, which incorporates ethical and environmentally friendly practices. A good example of this is their significant investments in waste recycling and purification systems. Thanks to these investments, the hair removed from raw hides can now be processed into agricultural fertilizers, and the dirty water from the tanning process is purified and used in the production of building bricks.

Color Options

We manufacture almost all our products from the same vegetable-tanned leather. You have the opportunity to choose the color of your bag from six different options: Cognac, Black, Mocha, Dark Blue, Burgundy, and Green. You can view the colors in the product details by clicking on the color button.

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Lining Fabric - 100% Cotton

Okay’s bags have a lining fabric made of 100% cotton. Depending on the model, the bag’s interior may have a zipper and open pockets. Additionally, cleaning the bag becomes easier, and you can wipe off dirt without worries. The color of the lining fabric is light blue.